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Course Description
A Taste of Photoshop Importing images, editing images and more
Access 2013: Level 1 Create and use tables, queries, forms, and reports
Access 2013: Level 2 MORE - Create and use tables, queries, forms, and reports
Access 2013: Level 3 Even MORE Create and use tables, queries, forms, and reports
Better Internet Searching Do you feel like you seek but never find on the internet? Do you try to find everything by Googling it? Although there is no guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for in 60 seconds or less, we do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. We will look at different search engines, steps for drilling down, and a few advanced strategies that may make your hunt for information a little more productive, as well as how you can help your students become better searchers, too.
Blended Learning - 8 Hr Online Blended learning is all about mixing different
learning environments. We will look at some of
the different options or models for combining
online and face-to-face content delivery. No
approach is one-size-fits-all, and the beauty
in that is the ability to differentiate and help
students personalize learning. How do you think
blended learning might look in your classroom?
Building Classroom Activities Using Mobile Devices This course will take a look at how mobile tablets can be utilized in the classroom. Learn how to take a range of apps to produce engaging lesson activities and project-based works. This course is designed to meet the needs of K-12 environment.
Classflow for In-class & 1:1 Instruction Do you teach in a 1:1 environment? Do you want to put student devices to good use? Classflow is a FREE tool that allows teachers to share presentations, poll students, and even give them a workspace to share with the teacher or other students. You can conduct self-paced student assessments with ease. Make classroom management more manageable!
Crash Course in Copyright ONLINE Crash Course in Copyright ONLINE
Creating Audio Files Audio files are the forgotten medium. You might be surprised at what all you can do with a sound file. We’ll create multi track audio files using Audacity, a free internet tool. Additionally, we will take a look at what other educators are doing with audio files, podcasts, and more. .
Creating Content for Blended, Flipped or Online Course So, you want to deliver content/ instruction online for your students. There are a number of ways to approach that – how do you know what’s going to work for you? You will spend some time in the online portion of class looking at a variety of ways to create the content we need. Then, you will spend a day in-class playing, making, and taking. We will have a GoPro to play with, a Swivl, screencasting tools, as well as a number of other resources to use. Not to mention, we are full of ideas and advice for you!
Creating Content for Blended, Flipped, or Online Course - F2F Face to face class. So, you want to deliver content/ instruction online for your students. There are a number of ways to approach that "how do you know what’s going to work for you?" You will spend some time in the online portion of class looking at a variety of ways to create the content we need. Then, you will spend a day in-class playing, making, and taking. We will have a GoPro to play with, a Swivl, screencasting tools, as well as a number of other resources to use. Not to mention, we are full of ideas and advice for you!
Creating Videos You already have the tools you need to create videos, even if you don’t have a camcorder. Web cams, digital and Flip cameras, and even cell phones often have video recording features. Using simple editing tools create video ready for
YouTube, TeacherTube and VideoCasts.
Differentiated Instruction & Tech Classroom - Online There has been much discussion and research devoted to the use of technology as a tool to differentiate learning. We hope to take that discussion a little further and discover strategies to differentiate the use of technology in the classroom. If you require your students to use technology for a project, how do you adapt the use of that technology for various learning styles? Are you aware of your technology teaching style? What if you are teaching an online class or an online component? We will discuss possible strategies for delivering content, project based learning, and evaluating student projects.
Digital & Interactive Storytelling Storytelling, digital storytelling, interactive storytelling, and all the other storytellings - none of it is really new. However, with so many new and interesting web tools out there, you can tell a story that is dynamic and visually stimulating. Have you thought about how you or your students could use this creative style of communication and instruction? We will survey a handful of free tools available, as well as learning application.
Digital Citizenship ONLINE Are you a good Digital Citizen? Learn what it takes and how to help your students create a positive digital footprint, navigate cyber bullying, and become students who can use technology responsibly, respectfully, and safely. (Formerly Cyberbullying)
Digital Portfolios

These are not your mother’s "ePortfolios." The art of the portfolio has gone social, digital, and dynamic. Social portfolios are about building a repository of mobile information that can be accessed by others depending on your (or their) needs of the moment. Our project for the day: You will begin to create a personal social resume, or cyber CV, that serves as a hub for professional strengths and ccomplishments. The goal is to create a portfolio that makes you clickable, memorable, and remarkable - whether you are applying for a new position or presenting at a conference.

Excel 2013: An Intro Introduction
* Master the Basics
* Enter Data & Format Data
* Perform Basic Calculations
* Create Charts & Graphs
Excel 2013: Beyond the Basics *Master the basics
* Enter and format data
*Perform basic calculations, and more
Excel 2013: Formulas and Data Formulas are incredibly helpful for finagling and finding data in Excel. This class will walk through the basics of formulas to fun and fancy formulas that can help automate, calculate and accelerate your work flow. This class is for the intermediate Excel user.
Excel 2013: Level 1 *Enter and modify data
*Format worksheets
*Do calculation, printing, and more
Excel 2013: Level 2 *Streamline and enhance spreadsheets
*Create templates, charts, graphs, formulas, and more
Excel 2013: Level 3 Automate common Excel tasks; Apply advanced analysis techniques;
Share Excel data with other applications; And more advanced applications
Genius Hour Students of all levels can be empowered to explore their own passions through the principles of Genius Hour. This is a passion-based learning opportunity using inquiry-based projects that can transform student learning. Student create their own projects within the scope of the curriculum. Explore resources and tools to help in implementation of the Genius Hour principles.
Getting Started with Blogs Blogs are a fun and simple communication tool for the classroom, as well as a vehicle for individual student or teacher expression. Participants will set up a blog of their own and survey professional and classroom blogs already out there. Finally answer that question: to blog or not to blog?
Getting Started with Your Mobile Device You have a iPad. Now what? Learn how to get the most out of your device. We will take a look at creating folders, iTunes U, and other tricks and tips to help you use your device. (Focus is mainly on iPad basics)
Gmail & Google Calendar Whether in transition or a longtime Google user, learn the fundamentals to master Gmail and Google Calendar. Basic and advanced features, everything from customizing your inbox and using Labs, to creating a sharing calendars.
Google Chrome - Just Chrome Chrome is Google’s contribution to the world of internet browsers. If you are a Google school or a Google user yourself, you have probably found everything Google works better with Chrome. Additionally, Chrome has some unique features that make it even more special than it thinks it is.
Google Classroom Do you need a simple way to wrangle all those paperless assignments? This course explores the use of Google Classroom – available only to Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Districts. We’ll discuss creating a class, student enrollment, assignment creation, and grading.
Recommended for GAFE schools
Google Crash Course - Survey of Tools Survey the Google world to get an idea of what Google has to offer from an educational perspective (Formerly Google Workshop for Educators F2F)
Google Drawing - 2 Hr Are you trying to go paperless but seem to have to resort back to paper for something? Are you a math teacher and think there is no way to have student create a math problem digitally? Are you tired of finding "cool" web 2.0 sites that are free today and gone tomorrow? Are you just trying to get your students’ creative juices flowing? Then Google Drawings just might be the answer.
Google Drive Learn to create and share documents and spreadsheets while exploring the unique collaborative features available with this free web tool. Participants will practice creating and sharing documents and look at features that make this so useful in education.
Google Drive - The Next Step A continuation of Google Drive - a further look into docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, sharing, collaboration, and more.
Google Earth - 2Hr Okay, so you found your college apartment and the house you lived in as a kid. What else can you do with Google Earth? Participants will learn to integrate the power of mapping with satellite images using this magnificent and free web tool. We will look at various educational uses, such as creating interactive tours or field trips.
Google Sites - Building Websites Anyone who wants one can have a website of his or her own, and it is "Google" easy. We will build websites from scratch and learn how to add useful features.
Google Workshop - Online This is an online version of the Google Workshop for Educators. You can take the 6 hour face-to-face class in one day or take the
class online at a slower pace with more time to explore your own interests. Objectives for both courses are the same. We will look at
many of the tools available in the Google world and how they can work together and work in your world.
Let’s Get Creative with Google Docs! Differentiate and make your Google Docs more interesting. Learn about different fonts, colors, templates, Insert drawings, charts, special characters, and maybe add-ons
Grant Writing for Teachers This informative session on grant writing will discuss grant sources that are available for the classroom teacher. We will also cover grant
writing tips and ways to bring attention to your classroom needs, whether you are seeking funding for supplies or classroom technology. Find out what grant sources really want to know about you when funding your grant.
Grant Writing II ONLINE This course is a continuation of Grant Writing for Teachers class. Whether you are currently writing a grant or still on the fence, you will benefit from this course. Participants will have an opportunity to take an in-depth look at different portions of a grant proposal over a series of online modules. The online environment will provide opportunities for peer discussion and facilitator input.
InDesign CC: An Intro - 3 Hrs Learn the basics of setting up new documents, text and formatting, graphics and layout, and working with tables.
Survey the various functions and possibilities for educational use.
InDesign CC: Making Calendars Apply your knowledge of InDesign to a real-life project.
Upload and edit photos taken with your phone or camera
Infographics: An Intro Are you visual? Most people are. Infographics are web tools that let you tell your story with pictures and charts and arrows and colors and . . . you get the idea. They are a great way to promote 21st Century literacy. We discuss some do’s and don’ts for this expressive tool, and even create one of our own.
In the Trenches

This blended course is a unique opportunity for new teachers. Explore strategies, tips, practices, and resources designed to help you navigate like a veteran educator.

Topics include:
•Classroom Management
• Classroom Culture
• Parent Communication for K-12 teachers
• Designing Lessons
• Differentiation Strategies

Participants must participate with interest in both online and the face-toface sessions to earn 21 hours of professional development.

Interactive Student Notebooks Interactive notebooks enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class. We will discuss how to set up notebooks by creating a title page, unit pages, and be introduced to some fun "foldables" to showcase students understanding. (K-8)
Intro to Technology 101 for the Beginner Are you still a little wary of technology? Our Education Technology Program is designed for educators and support personnel who need to start from the beginning, or even those who would like a basic refresher. This program is designed to allow participants the opportunity to become comfortable with different areas of basic technology and will show how to make life easier. Topics include file management, Microsoft Windows, Word and PowerPoint, e-mail, finding resources on the internet, and more. Find out how to put these tools to practical use in your classroom or workspace.
Introducing Coding to Your Classroom Critical thinking, logic, persistence, and creativity help students excel at problem-solving in all subject areas. Experience a blend of online activities and "unplugged" activities for students with or without a computer. No coding experience needed. Materials come from
iPads: Moving from Apps to Creativity Lights! Camera! Action! Using GarageBand and iMovie trailer apps, learn how to create movies and compose your own music for class projects.
Let TED do the Talking! What makes an idea worth sharing? You’ve seen TED Talks, right? They invite most any topic and use a style of presentation that makes us stop and listen to the ideas. They provoke thought and intrigue us with essential questions. Imagine bringing this kind of power to your students. There is more to TED Talks than you may have imagined. We will look at the many, many resources available through TED for the adult learner, as well as discover possibilities for integration into high-impact educational practices
Microlearning for BIG Thinkers. The average attention span is less than 10 seconds. How can you teach your students in such a way that they retain the information you need them to? Microlearning! Learn to utilize microlearning in the classroom. Isolate behaviors that need to change and help students personalize learning for a more prescribed learning plan.
Mobile Technology Workshop - Pads, Tablets & Beyond  
OneNote 2013 • Explore the structure of a OneNote notebook.
• Add content to and organize a OneNote notebook.
• Manage OneNote notebooks, history, and backups.
• Work with Excel spreadsheets and embedded files.
• Share and collaborate with notebooks.
• Finalize a notebook
Online Activities for 2-8, Science & Math Join us as we review and discuss resources for math and science classes, grades 2 - 8. You can use these resources in your classroom on any computer with internet access as well as with an interactive whiteboard. Walk away with a handy reference list.
Online Activities for Pre K, 1 & 2 We all know there are wonderful resources online...but who has the time to research and find them? Short Answer: The Eighth Floor! Join us as we review and discuss resources involving writing, literature, phonics, sequencing, games, and more. You can use these resources in your classroom on any computer with internet access as well as with a Smartboard. Walk away with a handy reference list.
Photoshop CC: An Intro *Explore the possibilities of a powerhouse tool like PhotoShop
* Learn image formatting, selection methods, filling text with images, and more
* Participants will create an entire project in class
Photoshop: Working with Photos Now that you have the basics, you want to know everything! Knowing it all is the goal of every Photoshop user. It’s a lofty goal but, with all the resources available you can always learn more. We will take a look at these topics and where to find more cheats and tricks. Lighting Effects, Clone and Healing, Color Adjustments, Making selections, and Working with Actions
PowerPoint 2013: An Introduction Friendly class for the beginner; Text-editing, clipart, animations, and transitions
PowerPoint 2013: Anim & Hyper Make your PowerPoint presentations even more interactive; Explore active learning techniques
Powerpoint 2013: More Animations/Hyperlinks Make your PowerPoint presentations even more interactive; Explore active learning techniques
PowerPoint for the Classroom *Starting with the most basic skills and advancing to intermediate skills, participants will explore various ways to use PowerPoint in the classroom
*Explore design considerations and techniques
* Learn to use images, video, sound files, transitions, animation, master slides, templates, and prepare your file for presentation
Promethean Level 1 *Learn the basics of the Promethean interactive whiteboard
*Discuss the Activinspire presentation software.
*Learn tips on creating flipchart lessons with tools and actions available in Activinspire.
Promethean Level 2 *Apply the basics and create interactive lessons
* Create more flipchart lessons
*Discuss online resources
*Import and convert documents into your flipcharts
Promethean Marathon Get Promethean levels 1, 2, and 3 all in one day
Publisher 2013: An Intro Learn the basics of creating newsletters and flyers using this simple Microsoft Office tool. We will also look at skills to build a calendar project.
Ready, Set, Design SMART! Have you already taken SmartBoards Levels 1, 2, & 3 or the Smart Marathon? This course will give you time to create specialized lessons and/or projects for your students with the guidance of a course facilitator. You will leave with lessons ready for use in the classroom.
Smart Marathon - 6 Hr Get your SmartBoard - SmartLearning:Levels 1, 2, and 3 all in one day.
SmartBoards: Level 1 * Learn the basics of this interactive whiteboard
* Discuss creating presentations, storing content, recording activity as a video, and more
* This course is for beginners
SmartBoards: Level 2 Continue to explore the basics of SmartBoard and beyond
Create a project for the classroom and integrate your lessons
Bring a flash drive to class
SmartBoards: Level 3 * Learn to use more advanced SmartBoard features.
* Create a presentation you can take back to your classroom.
* For the intermediate user.
Snap Chat That! Explore the world of Snap Chat. Your students use it, your kids use it, so why aren’t you using it? Set up an account, send and receive messages and pictures, learn the difference between “your story” and a private message, and how to use it effectively in the classroom.
Social Networking Tools for Educators - Online A social network is a web of relevant links and associations between individuals, groups, or other networks. How do you create a network that helps you save time instead of spend time? You’ve likely heard of networking tools like Ning, Facebook, and Twitter. But what can they do for you in an educational setting? What other tools are there? We will look at a handful of popular tools being used by educators and their students.
Taking Your Blog to the Next Level Here is your chance to take a hard look at
your blog. Are you where you want to be? We
will discuss finding your niche, knowing your
audience, design elements, blogging as a style
of writing, building readership, and few other
things you just really have to know.
Tech Tips & Tricks & Magic This course is geared toward the beginner, but long time users may learn a thing or two along the way. We will learn some basic tech tips that will save you time and frustration. Bring your questions, and walk away feeling more confident using your PC in life and in your classroom. Some of the magic will include: • Taking screenshots • Saving an image from the internet • Creating hyperlinks anywhere • Resources to practice keyboarding (some call it typing) • Split your screen
The Flipped Classroom Put simply, flipping the classroom involves changing up the traditional form of teaching, allowing for much more hands-on, student inquiry, and teacher guided practice. Traditionally, teachers deliver content (lecture) in class. That can now happen at home in place of homework, and homework can be done in class. Flipping the classroom allows for more flexibility for in-class projects and activities.
Time Management - Online Whether you are new or a veteran teacher, there is a lot of work to get done every day. Using technology can help with organization and time management letting you get more done in a day. We will look at tools and resources that will save you time and make learning fun
Tips for Online Course Content & Design Is your online course material more of a roadblock than a bridge to learning? Quit banging your head against the wall. Course design is about more than plopping material online. We may have a few ideas that could help.
Twitter: More Than Just a Tweet Twitter has become a surprisingly valuable resource for teachers, students, and the classroom in general. Did you know Twitter is also considered a search engine? We will explore how Twitter can help educators stay connected and develop both personal and professional learning communities. School administrators may find this a particularly useful class.
Using Games for Learning and Review Everybody loves a good game, but what value do they have in your course or with your students? Engage students with interactive tools and games that make material and review and little more fun and a lot more interesting.
Using the Last 5 Minutes of Class Are your students spending the last few minutes
of class with eyes glued to the clock? Learn how
to power pack that time with simple to use tools,
such as Tellagami, Penzu, Plickers, and Kahoot.
Keep the learning and assessment flowing.
Web 2.0 Round Up The variety of Web 2.0 resources available
makes it possible to design much more creative
lessons than ever before. In this course, we’ll
take a look at what Web 2.0 means and identify
the characteristics of a Web 2.0 educational
resource. Then we’ll explore as many resources
in each of several activity categories as possible:
Wikis, Presentations, Assessment & Evaluation,
Blogging, Communication, Desktop Publishing,
Story Telling/Creating, Podcasting, Games,
Multimedia, Image Editing, Networking, Notetaking,
Graphic Organizers/Concept Maps/Flow
Charts, Polls, Research, and Social Platforms,
among others. The possibilities are almost
Web-Based Animation Tools for Student Engagement You have seen them, tools like GoAnimate, PowToons, Voki, etc., but do you know the best way to integrate them into your instruction? Imagine the power of student expression with animation tools in hand.
Word 2013: An Intro * Friendly class for the beginner
*Format documents, fonts, clipart, and more
Word 2013: Beyond the Basics The next step from the introductory course
Word 2013: Level 1 *Create a basic document using Microsoft Word
*Edit documents by locating and modifying text
*Format text & paragraphs
*Add tables & graphic elements to a document
*Control a document's page setup and its overall appearance
Word 2013: Level 2 * Customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics
*Personalize Word 2013 efficiency tools
*Create complex documents
Working with Google Photos You’ve taken some great pictures, but they don’t look exactly like you want. What can you do? Participants will explore what they CAN do with a digital picture once it’s on the camera using Picasa a free Web 2.0 tool. We’ll discuss cropping, sizing, color adjustment, storage, and getting pictures ready for the web, PowerPoint, or print.
YouTube for the Classroom I don’t think I have to tell you what YouTube is, but I bet I can tell you a few things you may not know about it from an educational perspective. There’s much more to this than just watching videos. Create your own channel, subscribe to others, use videos with blended learning, create discussion forums, and more, more, more.
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