Closing of The Eighth Floor FAQs


Q:Will there still be summer classes?
A: Yes, but only in June as our last day is June 30th 2017

Q:  When is the last date for Eighth Floor classes?
A:  Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Q:  Where can I find the summer class schedule?
A:  Everything is listed on our web site. There is not a printed schedule for this summer but you can download a PDF version of the SCHEDULE page on the site.

Q:  Will the resources from the Eighth Floor Wiki ( ) / Moodle be available after June 30th?
A:  We will keep the information available as long as we can.

Q:  Can students request transcripts after June 30th?
A:  We will have this data. You can still request this information through (

Q:  Will staff be available for tutoring on technology?
A: unfortunately we will not be offering any of our tutoring services.

Q: Can schools still checkout resources, and equipment?
A: We will not be able to continue lending resources or equipment after June 30, 2017.

Q: Will the Eighth Floor Website remain available?
A: We do not have a date for the web site to be turned off as of this time.

Q:  What’s happening with the Tulsa eSchool Network, Edgenuity, Odysseyware, & Learning Blade?
A:  These classes will continue as they have in the past. Please contact Pam Vreeland ( for additional information.


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