Directions to the Eighth Floor
The Eighth Floor is located on the “eighth floor” of the Skyline East #1 Building. Below you will find maps and driving directions to help you find our location..Option 1 – From Sheridan Road On Sheridan, a few blocks North of 41st Street there is a highway overpass (I-44 or Skelly Drive). Turn West (right) on the highway access road and start up the hill. Our building will be on the right with the TTC and TCC logos on the structure.Option 2 – Going west on 41st Street The Skyline building is between Sheridan and Yale. Precede past HWY 44 and turn North (right) at the stoplight on Hudson Street .
Go past Bishop Kelley High School and football field to 36th Place.
Turn right. Follow this street around the corner and up to the Skyline building. 

Our Value

Providing educators with professional development opportunities focusing on practical technology integration is our mission. We are here to meet member needs and enhance learning for all.

  • What a great opportunity for our teachers and support staff! We learned great things! Cindy
  • I couldn’t believe how accommodating you were to work with us! Dana
  • You can be assured that I will be looking for an email announcing the schedule, so I can hopefully be among the first-come to be first-served! We love the Eighth Floor! Kathleen
  • It seems your group stays on the cutting edge of the latest technology and I can’t find this anywhere else in the area! Kim
  • Thank you Eighth Floor for building your schedule around the educator!  Your 4:15 classes make my life so much easier! Amy

Our Mission
The Tulsa Area Professional Development Consortium, The Eighth Floor, supports collaboration which nurtures and sustains educational improvement within the community. The Eighth Floor takes advantage of the diversity and expertise of instructors from a wide variety of disciplines, grade-levels, and institutions to develop a community of self-directed, life-long learners. Participants have the unique opportunity to improve constructivist classroom practices through development of technology skills and collaboration with peers. The Eighth Floor provides professional development for all educators.In 1995, education and business leaders had a vision…creating a professional development center for Tulsa County educators. Soon after, the group formed the Tulsa Professional Development Consortium. The TPDC was born as a collaborative effort of the public schools, higher education institutions, and the career technology schools.In 1998, the vision became The Eighth Floor…a technology and learning center for educators” which focuses on the integration of technology in the classroom and the promotion of effective instructional strategies. Activities on the Eighth Floor are overseen by an advisory committee which is chaired by The Eighth Floor Corrdinators. Each participating consortium member has a representative on the advisory committee.The Eighth Floor is owned and operated by Tulsa Technology Center and Tulsa Community College. Currently, The Eighth Floor serves over 9,000 educators in the surrounding Tulsa area.